The Subtle Art of Self-Compassion

Would it be helpful to have a tool that helps transform your thoughts and beliefs around food and your body image?

Here’s how that tool would work!

Usually, if people have struggled with their diet for a good portion of their lives, I like to approach them in one of three ways:

1.Reducing or removing obstacles in your way

2.Equipping you with tools to overcome them OR

3.Looking at environmental factors that could be contributing to your struggles

In this week’s video, we are going to talk about a great TOOL to help overcome food struggles.


It may not seem like an eating skill, but when someone has been on the diet roller coaster for DECADES, Self-compassion can help propel us forward when we just feel like giving up.

If, for example, your parents struggled with their body image or spoke negatively about their body and obsessively dieted, it makes sense that you would also struggle with that!

How else would you have learned a healthy way to relate to food and your body image?

Instead of beating yourself up over the struggle, and approaching your eating with some kind of self-punishing restriction and no mercy training, we can use self-compassion to see what is working and what isn’t working for us.

Maybe, at some point, using food to cope with negative emotions was an effective strategy, but you may be ready to try something new.  That way of eating is keeping us from reaching our goals and being our healthiest selves.

Let’s commit to learning new skills to deal with our emotions so that we can get off the dieting roller coaster and have more capacity for all of the other things that make our lives wonderful!


Check out the video to see how Self-Compassion is the next tool you need in your tool belt of eating skills!



If you want to learn more about how Self-compassion can flip the script on your eating habits, watch THIS VIDEO

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