Thirsty Monday?


Is this not one of the longest-standing (albeit least “sexy”) pieces of advice for weight loss?
Yet sooo many clients I talk to on a weekly basis are telling me that they are just NOT drinking enough water, and they want to drink more…
“I just need to DO IT!!” they say. But then they don’t.

Does this sound like you? Why is it so important to drink water, anyway?
Well, for one thing, when we don’t drink enough water, early signs of dehydration come in the forms of fatigue, s l o w e d digestion, and “false hunger” (causing us to feel hungry and, eat MORE when we are really just thirsty!)
So if you have struggled with drinking enough water (especially as it gets colder), grab a drink and settle in!
Because in this week’s video, I share with you practical ways to create a regular hydration habit to help you lose weight more easily! (Because weight loss doesn’t have to be complicated!)

Click the video below 👇


PRO TIP: water drinkers eat fewer calories per day than non-water drinkers! 💃Watch

HERE to find out more!


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