This Trick Helped Me Stop Overeating

I used to be a chronic over-eater. Mealtime wasn’t over until I felt so full that I needed to change into stretchy pants  and often take a nap to recover.


Have you ever been there?

Maybe you’re like me and some of my 1:1 clients and don’t realize you are full until it is too late. This is common when the food is delicious, we’re in the presence of wonderful company , or way too distracted to feel when we have had enough. Well, in this week’s video, I’m sharing my favorite tricks to PREVENT overeating. Let’s learn to listen to those body cues so we eat until we’re fully satisfied, but not beyond that. When my clients have successfully stopped overeating at meals,

-they feel more energized,
-their sleep improves, and
-they are one step closer to getting to their natural weight.

We all have meals when we take it too far, but the more we can tune in, the more we can give our bodies what they need.

Think you might be overeating at meals? Give this a try!


Learn the trick that helped me STOP overeating!

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