Try This Small Trick To Drop Real LBS

Are you ready to make real change in your life but not ready to commit to our 5 Week Healthy Eating Skills Academy?


If so that is completely cool, we would never want to force someone into something they are not ready for.


We really pride ourselves on helping people which is why I am writing this blog today.


We know losing weight, fitting better in your clothes, and increasing your confidence to make decisions that are in line with your goal is probably important to you.


I guarantee you without a doubt if you can nail this skill and practice it over time you will see results and be able to achieve more than you thought. This is the fundamental skill that will set you up for success to build all other eating skills


The skill we are going to be working on for the two weeks is


Eating 3-4 Meals While Fasting 4-6 Hours Between Meals. That is it? I know it might not seem like much but it is that important.


What to do:


How it works:
How to scale:
Does that seem easy enough? If so it should, that is the goal. To make it so achievable that you almost can’t not do it.
-Coach Pat

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