Warren Buffett’s Secret Tool You Can use TODAY!

I’ve got a short but powerful action activity for you today.


I’ve been talking to guys every day who are signing up for our Men’s Formula 5 Week Trial and what keeps coming up is motivation.


These guys want to feel better, get strong and tone up so badly they just haven’t been able to get started on their own because they have no “motivation.”  How we work through that is a story for another day, that’s not what we’re here for.

If you’re feeling unmotivated this activity will get you rolling.
Warren Buffet is known for his investing. He less known for his productivity and ability to G.S.D (Get Sh** Done)
Here is Buffet’s Prioritization secret.
It was originally designed for marketing a business.
We’re going to adapt it to your health and fitness or life in general.
Here’s what you do
Step 1:
Make a list of 20 habits, skills, or actions you believe, if implemented, will significantly upgrade your life now and especially in the future. (ie. help you lose weight,  improve the quality of your relationships,  increase joy,  improve self-image,  grow your income, get you energized or give you more time with family)
Your list could look like: Reach out to friends 3x a week, schedule a date night, read 10 minutes a day, add veggies to 2 meals per day, wait 10 minutes before getting seconds, turn of notifications on your phone, plan your day ahead of time, write a FB post daily
Step 2: 
When done, circle the top 5. This is hard. It should be hard. Which 5, of the 20, energize you because they are both the most important and most exciting personally, to you?
Circle them.
Step 3:
Next, write those 5 things on another piece of paper. These are the 5 things that you do.
However, this list of 5 things is your second most important list.
What remains from your original list are 15 things that you think that you should do but decided aren’t as important as your top five.
You just defined your distractions.
No problem can be solved unless it is first defined.
Step 4:
Transfer the remaining 15 onto a new “DO NOT DO” list.
Keep your list of the remaining 15 at your desk, on the fridge everywhere. Refer to it whenever you feel like you need to do something else instead of focusing on the most important five you predetermined.
This is your map. Let it guide you. This exercise may seem simple, that’s also the point. We, especially me, easily spend too much time, energy and thought on the things that are not most important.
Don’t overthink it, just get the pen on paper.
I’d love to see your list if you’re willing to share.
I love lists, Haylin

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