Weekly Highlights 1.27.17

Here is all the greatness that happened at Core Principles this week, the last week of January. Thank you for making it so great.


Rachel is flipping out the weekend is here! We made it, have some fun and do some things that make you feel good and smile.

(Click here to see her flip!)
1. Steve & Allison crushed it for the last time before they head to Florida for the rest of the winter, see’ya snowbirds. You guys made amazing progress. Till next time.
2. Lou made a foolish bet and picked the Patriots to lose against the Steelers. Not a chance. He made good on his bet though.
Check it out.
3. A very happy birthday to Walidah. 21 never looked so good! Celebrate till your heart’s content. Thanks for all of your great energy.
4. We got some new orange accents in the gym!


5. Mark was pissed that he broke the camera last week so he set another personal best on his deadlift this week.


6. Margaret has been working her butt off to nail her squat with tons of tension. She got it.


7. Lastly, you may see a fresh face around here a couple days a week. Sam M is joining us for a few months as an intern. He is working on finishing up his exercise science degree. Give him a warm welcome.
See you all soon!

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