Weekly Highlights 2.12.17

The week started with a bang, for me anyway, with the Patriots being Superbowl winners. Again! I know there are some haters out there, but I love you all anyway.


Monday a.m., was a room full of crickets. The Superbowl hangover was in full effect. In case you missed my t-shirt of the G.O.A.T here it is again!


It was the week of some kick ass squats.
David S rocked this picture perfect double rack KB squat. It has been getting better each week. Way to go sir.
Not to be outdone Charlie has been working equally hard on his squat and now executes one that could be on the cover of Mens Health.
Getting their shoes off and letting their feet feel the ground was a key to success.
Mr. consistent Alex has been ramping up his deadlift each week and decided to set a new PR for himself this week, why not!
David M is back to the action, he had a little tune up on his knee and is now rocking and rolling feeling 20 years younger.
The Feb Assault Bike Challenge is on! Lots of great times coming in.
Steph, Siobhan, Kyra, Walidah, Jack, Jennifer, Rick W, Alex, and Joanna all came in with solid times. Here is a quick look at Rick coming in at 3:59.
Our fundraiser for the Boys and Girls Club was a huge success. Thank you to all who attended and for your support. It means a lot to us and even more to the great kids who will benefit from it! A special thanks to Mary G for coordinating an amazing spread of drinks and snacks and DJ Frustro provided awesome music to pump us up. Can’t wait to do this again!


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