Weekly Highlights 3.12.17

Happy Week Y’all.


Winter is back, its cold again.


You, however, have been cranking up the heat.


It is pretty impressive.


Don’t take my word, have a look.


One error and omission to start us off.


Charlie is a winner in his age bracket for the Assault Bike Challenge. We had his age listed 10 years younger than he actually is, most people would love that mistake. Charlie’s time of 3:47 is bad ass at any age, but at 64 it is simply amazing. His commitment to his own health and fitness it what allows amazing things like this.


These powerful ladies, Za, Jennifer and Kristen have been nailing our Saturday a.m. group class. If you want to see how these strong women crush a workout, join them on Saturday a.m.. Za and Kristen are new to the crew, be sure to say hi when you see them.
Another friendly face you must meet is Mr. Jim. Last week was his first week and we are super excited to have him here. Welcome, Jim.


Ron has been here a couple weeks, but he is elusive and nimble like a cat so we had a hard time getting a picture, but we finally did. He has made a ton of progress in a few short week. Way to go sir.
We often talk about setting people up for success. Nikhil has been quietly nailing his workouts and getting himself ready for the upcoming cricket season. An MVP season is in his future. Smart work towards a pull up will make those shoulders bulletproof.
Siobhan decided to take the chance to wave Hi to everyone during her skater jumps. Heyyyyyyyy.
I was at a conference in the city this weekend at Mark Fisher Fitness. They had this important message on the wall that I thought you all should see. Some important truths about creating your best self.
Finally, Hudson has been working on his dead bugs and push ups while also starting to crush some oatmeal, squash and carrots. The work has paid off. He can sit up now. Go Huddy!!!!

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