Weekly Highlights 3.19.17

These weeks fly by and one week can seem to run into the next.


Thankfully you have these highlights to look back on and be reminded of the greatness all around.


We probably don’t say it enough, but we are proud of all of you. We all have tons of things going on in our lives, challenges we struggle with, concerns that stress, accomplishments to celebrate and be proud of yet you still are here each week making yourself better. Thank you.


Here is your week.


Tuesday brought the biggest snow storm of the year and we shut this joint down for the first time.

We all survived and plowed through the rest of the week– pun intended!
Whenever someone deadlifts the 48KG we celebrate. This is the right of passage to the Hex Bar Deadlift. On to bigger and better Nikhil.
Big Dog Ron has taken his training up several notches and showed up to every session the last few weeks with clear intentions. He has been super focused to ensure he gets the most out of each workout and makes good use of his valuable time. Way to take ownership!
Thursday we had a little happy celebration of you at Coal House! This is the only PG pic we took early before things got out hand. Someone may have ended up dancing on the bar! I’m not sure.


In other exciting news, Katerina has joined the Core Principles management team as our Client Experience Ambassador. She is a dynamo at ensuring things run smoothly and will help increase our interaction with you and make sure your experience is always amazing. We will have a pic of Kat next week with some exciting news!
Our April challenge is just around the corner, stay tuned.
Here are my words of wisdom for the week. Brains are for ideas, not remembering things.
Write stuff down!

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