Weekly Highlights 3.5.17

And that’s a wrap.


We closed out the month of February, closed out the February Assault Bike Challenge and here we are, set to keep getting better in the month of March.


Here is what we know.


The Assault Bike Challenge was a smashing success. It was so great to see you push yourself and thrive off some competition. Some of you found out how humbling that bike can be.


Here are our age group winners: The Fabulous Stephanie at 4:01


Jack D @ 3:43

Rick M @ 3:36

Rick W @ 3:49


We will be back in April with our next challenge, hang tight.


Say hello to Alyson, she crushed her first week with us last week and she is on a mission to do lots more. Say Hi!!!


Seth went to the fine City of Nashville this week and all we got was this picture!! Way to be consistent, he found time between his meetings and some fine Honkey Tonk music to get a workout in.


If you are thinking about getting some stuff for your house, let us know we can help you with that!
Kyra was tearing up the dance floor, or gym floor with these snazy jumping all 4s kick throughs.
Billy Joel must have heard about her moves, she went to his concert Saturday at MSG and was upgraded to second row. Here is my pic with Joanna from a little further back when John Mellencamp joined Billy on stage!
Rachel and I made our way over to Boys Girls Club of Stamford to drop off the money we raised from our Bootcamp. Thank you all again. Some great kids will now be able to go to camp this summer!
Finally, Rachel says hello from her hometown of Rochester. She journeyed home to spend time with friends and family. Always a great thing to do.


See you all soon!

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