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As many of you know, it’s getting freezing outside. This means we are going to start heading indoors or stop doing things we love because of the cold. What if you loved golf, wheres that leave you doing the cold northeast winter. Well, we may have found a situation.


I just started playing golf a few weeks ago. I been going to the driving range on and off for years and always enjoyed it. Now living in Stamford for over two years seems like a good social activity that everybody takes part in.
After hitting a local Par 3 course a few times, I like to keep playing, but it’s too cold for me to stand outside for three hours on a Saturday. Where’s that leave me with this new hobby I found and love.
I can keep swinging my clubs around my living room, but i am sure my fiancee will not appreciate that all winter. I could take a flight to somewhere warmer for a weekend of practice, not a bad idea.
Then I was out when someone mentioned to me Zstrict. I remember staying whats that because the name didn’t tell me much. They said its a brand new state of the art golf simulator in Stamford.
I thought to my self that sounds awesome and i won’t have to freeze to death. Part of my job here at CP is to meet local business owners and introduce myself and tell them what we do.
I spoke with there Gm and meet with the Assistant Gm this week he gave me a thorough rundown of how, why, and what you get when you come in to play.
I am excited that I found something that allows me to stay active during the winter months here. That’s one of the goals we have for CP clients. Use your fitness and find a hobby that allows you to enjoy life.
My suggestion is to look at winter leagues, sports or clubs. These are all things to keep you moving during the cold. As we know, a body in motion stays in motion.
If you have something you like and need help find a winter solution to reach out to your accountability coach and ask for help. That’s one of the main goals as an AC to make sure we can help in any way with your health and wellness inside or outside the gym.

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