What can you do more of or better this year? Who’s going to help keep you on track

The year is coming to a bittersweet end. This point comes, and most of us find ourselves self-thinking about what did we do this year? What can we improve for next year?


Sales Goal for the new year is to get a blue shirt.
The point of a new year’s resolution is to find an area in our lives we can improve. We ask all of our clients what your resolution is?
Most of them answer back with “staying on my fitness journey ” or ” working hard on my eating habits.”
These are great answers, and some come up with solutions that don’t involve the gym. We welcome those answers with open arms.
Part of being a great coach is being able to help a client with whatever you’re looking to improve on.
That’s, the main part of what we offer at core principles is accountability coach. If a client says text every day to not eat pizza, that message goes out. We will simple within reason do whatever we can to help keep you moving towards whatever your goal is.
Now with this being said, what your goals for 2020 are?
If nothing here, three simple goals will help you improve your health.
If this gets you thinking and you don’t want to feel alone, don’t wait to reach out to us. We hear to help you with whatever you like to reach in 2020.

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