What Does It Mean To Be An Explorer?

Nutrition is hard and I will be the first one to admit it. Years and years of eating can create so many different habits both conscious and unconscious that we are unaware of. In order to see the results that you want and change things such as body composition, energy, how you feel, and your relationship with food you must change both how you eat and what you eat.


One of the phrases we talk about when we are working on nutrition with someone is the idea of “becoming an explorer”, but what does that really mean.


Think back to a time you went through a change in your life, it could be when you got a new job, moved, or started a new relationship. In most cases, things probably felt a little awkward a first and you may have felt a little uncomfortable. In order for things to work out, you couldn’t just run and go back to your old ways, things would have to be uncomfortable for a little and you had to push through it and figure everything out.
The same concept applies when changing your nutrition. You need to be an explorer.
I feel that there are two big concepts that go along with being an explorer that I want to talk about today.
Allowing Yourself To Be Uncomfortable
Trying Plan B if Plan A Did Not Work
Our life is one big exploration, that is how we grow, change and become better. The same concept applies to our nutrition, in order to change we must become explorers.
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-Coach Pat

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