What the Gratitude

In the past 2 months I have been involved in an awesome community of strength coaches that are brought together to help hold coaches accountable in their own lives so that we can help ourselves as well as our clients.


One of the biggest changes that I have taken away from the program was buying a notebook that has now become my gratitude journal and Sunday brain dump.


I have never been much of a writer and I have always wanted to keep a diary. However, most of the time I felt like what I wrote in a diary ended up sounding silly and childish!


However, the brain dump and gratitude journal was just what I needed!
The brain dump has helped to keep my brain organized when it comes down to prioritizing my time. Along with my organization I use the brain dump to remind me to do things that can help me improve my relationships: such call my grandmother every week (If you are reading this grandma this is why I call you every week).
Get that stuff on paper folks! Writing things will make you much more likely to accomplish a task as it helps create intent. Write down even the small things and include a list of the tasks or actions that you want to accomplish each week! Maybe it’s cook a meal twice that week or maybe it’s a reminder on paper to spend 20 minutes playing a game with one of your kids! Whatever it is, a Sunday brain dump is a great way to show you what needs to be prioritized and can help set up a system to help you accomplish those things.
The biggest bulk of my notebook is my gratitude portion of the journal. Each day I spend 5-10 minutes on this page. I start with writing 3 things that I am grateful for in life and then move down to writing a list of all the positive things that happened to me the day before. I end my journal with stating one person that I am grateful for in my life.
It reminds me each day that there is something to be thankful for! Nothing like writing down good things that happen to you on paper to remind you that there are good people out there and to help appreciate the people and experiences that you encounter.
I would encourage anyone that wants to to start making this a habit! What is there to lose from taking 5 minutes a day to organize your thoughts and reflect!
-Coach Rachel

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