What You Should Do Instead Of Dieting

It’s normal to wish and even think there is a magical formula of special foods, times to eat, and exercises to do that lead to forever weight-loss.


There’s not.  But, I’ll say it again. It’s normal to think there are. We’ve been conditioned to believe it. #the power of marketing.


I have the second-best thing. (Here’s the exciting news part) Every week I’m bringing you the real truth about the skills and mentality that will provide forever weight-loss.


I’ve been mentoring with Georgie Fear, One of the most respected and accomplished nutrition coaches in the WORLD, for over a year.


Now, each week we’re bringing YOU the most valuable information that will positively impact your weight-loss and self-image!


In our first episode, we talk about setting expectations, accountability and the best way to just get started.


No gimmicks, no hacks only practical steps rooted in the human psyche and experience.


You can do hard things,
PS. Got Questions for Georgie and I to chat about, I want to hear them. This project is for you so please send them along.

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