When You Know You Know: Nancy Found The Right Gym.

Being a part of a gym is so much more than showing up and working out. Yes, you do workout, and get the coaching and advice from a qualified professional, but chances are you are looking for that special feeling when you enter the door. Fitness marketing floods the internet with men and women shirtless running around doing crazy things that look cool, but are seemingly dangerous. Here at Core Principles, we want to meet you where you are at and that is just what Nancy felt when she met with Haylin for her strategy session.


I got the opportunity to sit down with Nancy and talk about what she felt when she walked through the door. In her words, “ I felt like I belonged here. No one was trying to show off and there were no off hand comments that made me feel uneasy”. There are no Broey people here trying to show off or go crazy. I feel a sense of encouragement not just from the coaches but the people who work out at 6AM with me. It’s awesome”!!!!


It’s always makes my day to hear that the culture at Core Principles is encouraging and allowing people to feel like themselves. When a person feels this sense of safety and trust, they try things that they may not normally try at any other place. Just take a look at Nancy pushing a 300 pound sled this morning.


Pretty impressive right!!!!


What’s even more impressive is Nancy’s attitude of showing up and ready to learn. The other day she revealed to me how much she felt the push-ups she worked on the other day. In the same breath she said “ I want to keep getting better at them”. During that session, I watched her encourage and tell others like Matt and Karen to keep up the hard work and keep going when things started to get tough.


I personally believe Nancy is a natural leader with a positive attitude and poise that makes others want to get better. With the combination of Nancy’s character and the devised culture here at Core Principles, makes others want to strive for more and show up each and every day, so they can achieve their goals.


Nancy, thank you for being amazing, encouraging others to be there best each and every day. I believe it’s people like yourself that help others through tough times and moments of struggle. Thank you for trusting us.


If you want a place where you can workout, strive for your health and fitness goals, and feel safe amongst peers, check out Core Principles Strength and Conditioning on facebook or email us at Remember, it’s never too late to get better.



Coach Jim

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