Why Do Fish Keep Swimming?

Do you sometimes feel like giving up?

Does it seem like your weight loss goals are so far from where you are that you doubt if you’ll ever get there?

How do you keep showing up and making changes even when you have a long way to go?  When progress is S L O W and small…?

How do you stay motivated and not quit? To just keep swimming when the shore is farrrrrr away? 🐟Fish know this well, they have to keep swimming no matter what, or they skink and die.

How do you keep swimming? It’s here in this week’s video.

Positive reinforcement.

To put it simply, you have to PRAISE YOURSELF and celebrate all the wins on your journey.

It can be SO easy to only see the end result as a win, but the process of getting you there has wins scattered all throughout!

This is the Key to not quitting.

Check out this week’s video below 👇



If you have been struggling to find wins or give yourself credit for showing up and you want to learn how I use this with my clients, Watch the video HERE.

CELEBRATE YOURSELF TODAY! Even if just for watching this video. You’re making steps to bettering your health and nutrition!

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