Why There Is No “bad” Or “Good” Food

As you probably know we are currently in the middle of our Healthy Eating Skills Academy.


Our clients have been absolutely nailing it working on their skills and practicing getting a little better each day!


One common theme that keeps on coming up that I am sure pops into your head is the idea of having a “bad” day or “bad” meal. Today I want to talk about why and how we try to get away from these thoughts.


Let’s take Pizza, for example, say you had a slice of pizza for lunch and thought you had a bad lunch. Ask yourself what is “bad” about pizza? I know for sure the taste is delicious!


Instead of labeling it as bad, we like to break it down, you got some carbs from the bread and fat from the cheese. You may not have had any protein or veggies with that lunch. Instead of saying you were “bad” for having the slice of pizza you can simply say you had a lunch that was laking protein or veggies. Then next time you have a slice of pizza make it a  goal to add some protein or veggies to create more of a balanced meal. 


Now there is one exception to this idea.
That exception is allergies. Let’s say you are severely allergic to shellfish and it sends you into anaphylactic shock. I think it would be safe to say that shellfish is not the best for you and you can label it as bad.
When you start to practice this idea of not thinking of food as good or bad, you will need some time to practice. It is not going to happen overnight and you will find yourself still classifying foods that way.
I challenge you to pause for a second next time you label a certain meal or day as bad and simply ask yourself how you could have made this meal a little more balanced. 


If you find yourself struggling to find ways to create more of a balanced meal simply send me an email and I would be happy to help! Oftentimes it is easier than you think.


Coach Pat

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