Why Your Workouts May Be Ruining Slowing Down Your Weight Loss

Would you believe me if I said your workouts actually might be slowing down your weight loss progress?


Yes, I know it might sound crazy but hear me out.
As you have heard from us before, weight loss comes down to calories in vs calories out. You can control your intake of calories by focusing on nutrition and you can control how many calories you burn by your daily movement and exercise.
Often times we see people who want to lose weight focus on exercising prior to nutrition. The thought process is “well if I workout more I will burn more calories and I will lose weight”. Sounds like a reasonable solution except there is one problem.
Most people think they are burning more calories than they actually are and then they don’t actually see any weight loss. So what is the next step? To workout more right?
Again this might sound logical but you have to take into consideration hunger.
As you increase your exercise intensity and duration you might also start to notice an increase in hunger. Makes sense right? As your body is using more energy (calories) for fuel it will want to replenish that fuel. So now you are working out more but you are actually eating more which negates the excess calories burned.
You might be thinking to yourself I am just going to exercise more and make sure I don’t eat more. If you are able to do that great then you will probably see some weight loss, however, it is an uphill battle that will only get harder and harder.
If you have been struggling to lose weight and find yourself constantly trying to do more and more but it is not working we are here to help!
Happy Snowy Day!

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