Women’s BEST Nutrition Plan For a Flat Belly!

I think one thing all women struggle with, especially after a certain age is weight gain in the mid-section. Now that the Summer is here and clothes are literally coming off (because it’s HOT out!) we want to be able to enjoy ourselves, feel confident wearing a tank top and not have to suck in the stomach each time we’re at the pool or when someone is taking our picture (Am I right ladies?!)


So how do we go about eating healthy where we can still enjoy our favorite summer snacks, ice-cream and a little rose without worrying about ruining our entire diet?!
Below are 4 action steps you take right now to get your eating game plan in check, flatten out the tummy, feel good and eat yummy foods that will provide you with fuel you need to have an amazing, fun-filled Summer:
1) Go Natural– this means eating non-processed, whole foods that your body will love because they don’t contain any additional, unnecessary crap like high fructose corn syrup, sweeteners, preservatives, unhealthy fats (hydrogenated oils) etc. Here are some examples of the foods you may want to incorporate into your diet: whole grains (brown rice, steel cut oats, quinoa etc.), fruits and veggies, nuts & seeds, lean meats, fish, eggs and legumes and good fats such as olive, coconut oil and avocados. Try to cut back and even eliminate anything in a box or a can that has been processed and is not considered to be real food i.e. bread, cereal bars, cookies, brownies, chips, candy (you know the rest).
Quick tip: Have a sweet tooth? Eat up some fruit like a cut-up apple with a tablespoon of peanut butter to satisfy the craving.
Quick tip 2: To eliminate additional temptation and ditch the junk pick a day to clean your kitchen and get rid of all things processed (if you feel bad throwing away food donate it to your local church or charity).
2) Load up on Aqua– a healthy adult needs anywhere from 8-12 glasses of water per day. If you’re dehydrated and not getting enough aqua your brain may trick you into thinking you’re hungry, so you’re more likely to eat more and create a calorie surplus that you don’t really need. Aside from water you can drink other beverages such as coffee, seltzer and tea but be sure you’re staying hydrated and stay away from sugary drinks like fruit juice, soda (or pop depending what part of the country you’re from), and heavy booze.
Quick tip: Carry around a water bottle or with you at all times and keep sippin’! Don’t like water? Add your favorite flavor to it like lemon, a little minced strawberries + mint and make it yours!
3) Add 1 serving of lean protein and veggies to every meal– protein has a fabulous way of keeping you full and increase feelings of satiety which will prevent you from reaching for and craving sugary snacks, chips and other junk. Veggies are an amazing filler because they will provide your body with necessary micronutrients (vitamins) that your body needs and loves, and if prepared well they can serve as a delicious side.
Quick tip 1: Think about what you’re going to eat in advance and do a little prep work i.e. go grocery shopping with a list, pack up your lunch the night before, have some grab-and-go healthy snacks you can bring with you to work (i.e. boiled eggs, banana, protein shake etc.)
Quick tip 2: Don’t know what a serving looks like? For protein, use a palm-full of your hand as a guide. For veggies, pick a serving size as big as your fist!
4) Follow the 80/20 Rule– when it comes to eating healthy you’re not going to be perfect all the time and by no means do we encourage you to be a cut-throat diet drill sergeant or fall into extremes. Sure there will be times when you go out to eat, you’re short on time, enjoy some pie at a party or stop by a happy hour with your work colleagues. But if you follow the 80/20 rule and choose to eat healthy foods 80 per cent of the time, then you can enjoy your favorite treats 20 per cent of the time and don’t feel pressured and bad about “breaking the rules.” What’s great about this approach is that you’re less likely to cut out whole food groups, become hung up on counting calories or deny yourself a treat from time to time.
If you are ready to get fit & feel amazing this Summer, get in on the party and try our Women’s 4-week Summer SuperYou Makeover program HERE
It will provide you with all the necessary tools you need to feel and look your best in the Summer and every season! For additional info on all things nutrition and fitness please email us at
– Coach Jojo

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