Working in a E.R, Traveling and getting a master degree

When it comes to working out in the company of friends, energy in the gym is vital. I remember one time I was working out in a gym during a bad storm and the lights went out, instead of leaving me the and group I was training with railed and had a great work out.


Ray always helps add some high energy to the gym.


60 + has never looked so good.


Here’s how Ray has gotten great results
Ray is a medical professional and runs a local Emergence room. He live’s in Stamford and spends a lot of his free time traveling while finishing another masters degree.
Ray has been a client with us for over a year. He comes to train with us 2 to 3 times a week, depending on his schedule. He is a client who never been anything but eager to push himself. Pushing your self is very important when it comes to working out. Knowing when to lay off the gas and to put the pedal to the metal is difficult. Ray comes in, and even if he had some hard hours, he’s ready to go.
Learning to balance his training with his work life with his nutrition has been a huge reason for his success. We check-in with ray regular and if he been traveling or worked 16 hours plus the goal of the work out will change.
As Ray got everything in the gym under control, we started to talk about what happens outside. These are huge for losing weight, seeing pant size drop and getting stronger.
Ray talked with our nutrition specialist about a few key targets.
This helped Ray not just in the gym outside at work and in life where it really counts. We are so proud of the pounds you lost and the strength you gain ray keep up the good work.
If you like to make changes like ray just start now.

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