You can be a successful and find time to work hard like Maggie.

We often think about how busy we all are and how we have no time. Then we run into people like maggie. She helps put it all in perspective that we aren’t that busy. Maggie, Is a mom and is very successful in her field on top of that, she spends time working with us. 


Maggie came to get out of pain.
We often have people join us for three reasons,
Maggie may have joined for a combination of those reasons, but the big ones were getting out of pain. Pain can make the simplest things in life harder and uncomfortable. 
We work hard to be updated on the latest evidenced backed practices. Taking those plus the system CP been building for over five years, we are confident that it can help get someone out of pain.
This been big of what we worked on with maggie. She had some issues with her lower back. This tells us we need to focus on core strength, hip mobility, and breathing.
Maggie has done an amazing job working on all of those things to the best of her ability while in class. This really started to pay off; Her numbers are increasing; she began to progress to the next tier of progression of movements.
The main thing is she started to have less back pain. This, not something we did alone; when we think someone needs some more hands-on attention, we send them out the Dr we trust. 
We like to say, Maggie, thank you for reminding us to keep working hard and to keep asking questions. You have been doing fantastic we can’t wait what to see you progressive more of the next. few months.

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