You can have hips that move better and help pull you out of pain

The basics, like many things in life, are something you always need to revisit. I went through a short period that I arrogantly thought I was better than the basics.


Doesn’t matter where you’re at we have the right hip movement for you

I quickly realized that revisiting them for periods of time never hurt my strength. If anything, it helped make me stronger.
One of the movements I took a little break from was the Hip Lift.
I thought I been squatting for more than 15 years now I don’t need to do hip lifts.
Like I said I know I was arrogant, but I decided to revisit them anyway and was genuinely surprised with how difficult it was.
After I realized we can always take a break but never become better than the basics. So let’s talk about why you should practice the Hip lift.
Well, the hip lift if done correctly It has a long list of benefits.
These all become more important the older you become. Reason being the stronger glutes and hamstrings are the better chance you have of living the life you want to walk upstairs easier, taking a step off a big curb without fear and even being able to get out of a chair.
One of the best parts about this movement is after someone shows you how to perform one properly than its something you can do almost anywhere.
If having a better hip range of motion being able to move around better sounds right to you than don’t wait for book your Call so we can show you how to perform a hip lift properly

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