You Can Save Money By Eating More Vegetables

The process of cooking for me has always been the same, what meat and sides should I make. This a huge problem because it not only sets me up for a longer time cooking but an unnecessary waste of money.


Let’s Rewire how you think about your plate.
When we picture a plate of food, the first thing you see is the protein. When thanksgiving comes up, the first thing we talk about is the turkey — protein has been driven into our minds as the centerpieces of all meals.
I want you now to think about repicture a meal and seeing the veggies first then the protein. If you try this, it may seem a little harder than you expected.
Now I want you to think if your meals started with greens and had more of it how many benefits there are. It very often takes less time to cook veggies than it does to cook large amounts of proteins.
If that doesn’t have you saying tell me more this should do the trick, you will save a lot of money. Who doesn’t like to save money and your not deprived or downgrading anything in your life.
Finally, Vegetables are full of things we need to live a healthy life. I have never heard of anyone gaining weight from eating too many veggies. This kicker there’s a high likelihood you may lose a few unwanted pounds.
So Here’s how to get started.
This not to say meat or protein is bad. This simple to say, having more veggies during a meal and slowly cutting back your protein intake can have some real benefits. If you have any questions about this feel free to contact us Here.

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