Your Biggest Motivation Is Your Family

When people sign up for the gym we often hear the same things over and over again. “I want to lose weight”, “I want to feel better”, “I want to get rid of my midsection”. Those are all great goals and common goals, however, none of them get to the deep root of the motivation.


Why do you want to lose weight?


Why do you want to feel better?


Why do you want to get rid of your midsection?


Continue to ask yourself why until you can find the real reason you want those goals.


Throughout your fitness and nutrition journey, things will get hard, you will feel like giving up at times, and you will feel like you’re not seeing any progress.


If you are able to find your real why it will help you push through those hard times and continue on your journey.


Meet Aniela!

Aniela joined Core Principles back in the middle of April through our Thrive After 60 Program.
When she came in she had similar goals to most people she worked with, get strong, feel better, and lose a little weight on top of that.
However, Aniela understood her reason for why she wanted all of those things.
She has wonderful grandkids that she wants to continue to be able to play with and do the things she loves too with them. It is not about just strength or just “feeling good’ or weight loss, it is about continuing to have a relationship with her grandkids.
One thing really stood out to me the other day in the gym.
Aniela mentioned that at times it is hard for her to get up and down off of the ground. I asked if she would like to modify some things so that she would not have to get up and down as much.
Her response was great! She said that even though it is hard she knows it is good for her and it will only help her get stronger. If she continues to practice getting up and down at the gym it will only help her when she wants to play with her grandkids.
That is such a great attitude to have. It could have been much easier to say “yeah let’s modify things” but she knew that would only slow down her progress, she knew in order to get better things will be a little hard.
Even though Aniela has only been here about 2 and a half months she has been making great progress. It is not because we are doing anything special, it is simply because Aniela shows up consistently, works hard and knows how to challenge herself in proper ways.
If you are ready to work hard like Aniela to get the results you have always dreamed of we are looking for 5 women 50+ in the Stamford area to participate in our 30 Day VIP Quick Start. If you are ready to join a gym who prides themselves on working only with people 50+, meets you where you are, and truly cares about you as a person Core Principles is the place for you. If this sounds like something you are interested in send an email to or give us a call/text @ 203-914-6396.
-Coach Pat

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