Your serving size can change your wrist line

Size matters when it comes to your food; we all know that. What we don’t all know is what to eat and how much. What we are going to answer today is how much of a snack should you be eating?


There are usually two types of people when it comes to snacking. We have your grassers or your “all out’s”.
Grassers have a few tendencies. They eat small amounts while moving around, they eat different snacks throughout a period and finally they have a different conversation with themselves than ” all outs”.
All out’s tendencies are different. We usually start with a conflict of saying, ” I don’t know what I want “. We regularly only snack on one food. Seems more sensible but mostly eat until they are satisfied or stuffed. That’s why we call them ” all out ” because they eat everything all at once and a larger portion.
Now depending on which one you are here’s how you’re going to optimize your snacking.
1.Best is always better.
We want the ” best ” version of your snack of choice. This may require a little elbow grease but when has changing your self and maybe learning something new not been worth it.
:IE if you like granola, are you eating the organic version or the one that label reads best. ( not actual best but his good low sugar numbers and most the ingredients are words you recognize)
labels matter because they give you some truth for what’s actually in the food and how much we can eat of it.
Some company try and be sneaky because they understand health mined consumers are willing to spend more if something says ” organic or less sugar ”
So when you hold up two boxes of trail mix and the labels look the same, but one says serving size and the other doesn’t that makes a big difference.
One is saying if you eat the whole box this how many fat’s, carb’s and sugars, the other is usually saying if you eat this minimal amount here are the contents.



3.Measure the amount before you are hungry


We should be prepared to eat like we are for work or anything else in life that’s important. Figuring out how much sugar, carbohydrates, the protein you can have in a snack helps. Let us say your coach says you can have 30 Grams of protein. Well, we then look if the snack has 15g per serving size than we do some math.

1/4 cup = 15g protein and we want half a cup

1/4 x2 = 1/2

15×2 = 30g


Simple enough. Grab a half cup measure fill it up and put it in a clear glass or blow so you can see the height.


After I have done this two or three times, I go by eye and its usually right on.


Let’s take these simple steps and plan for snacks. We will let you eat the amount you know is best for you without wondering if you’re eating too much or not enough. If you like someone to help you with your snacks, we are here to help.

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